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Ctrl-C Terminal Challenge 2023

Pretty much this is me content farming for October's Zine. Let's be real here I'm looking at the server and 'Huh I'm not seeing anything planned for next month. This is a community of self selected geeks ... mostly because normal people aren't going to jump through the hoops of dealing wit ha terminal when [SOCIAL MEDIA PLATFORM] exists.

There is also the fact that beyond blatant content farming? I'm kinda farming the community at large for terminal applications since, to be honest I tend to be behind the curve on hardware t othe point dialing down on what I can isn't a terrible idea (even if going full on terminal or bust is a bit overkill,) and with my poor vision this might actually not be a stupid idea.


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Terminal Challenge 2023

Concept is simple:

  • You are allowed to use a window manager.

This is fun, not masochism, and between steam and possible work on what may be someone's only computer outside of thier phone, not everyone can just drop everything.

  • Anything that you can, within reason, replace with an application that runs in a terminal window.

  • This is sorta linux/BSD focused, though with Microsoft giving a linux subsystem for windows, Even Windows users can join in on the fun! Though I suspect there is more hoop jumping involved.

When: September 1st - 15th

Why: To get more people to see how much you can actually do in a terminal window.

Even if you have a preferred workflow, give the terminal a solid go. This is simply me inviting the community to come together to assist those of use who aren't as terminal aware of what can be done.

Suggestions on terminal programs for the following are welcome:

  • Word Processing/Document editing
  • music/media consumption
  • file managers
  • IRC/web messaging (Look if someone knows how to discord from terminal that'd be great, but I suspect that needs an IRC portal.)
  • web browsing
  • Coding?
  • Gaming other than text adventures
  • Youtube (assuming terminal window rather than full TUI.)
  • Anything interesting.


The community response has been encouraging so far. Fine fine I'm not yet learning of anything wholly New, but getting reminded of the i3 window manager and giving that another try was nice, and there is a bit over a week to shop around and prep. Plus, as I noted in the first bullet point, this isn't a strict 'EVERYTHING MUST BE IN THE TERMINAL OR YOU FAIL! RAAAAH!'

What I plan on using:

  • i3 Window Manager

Though to be honest? That's taking a bit to learn so I will probably fall back on cinnamon from time to time if steam decides to not play nice.

  • Wordgrinder and Nano for text editing.
  • Web Browsing:

* Lynx/W3M for HTML

* Amfora for Gemini

  • Mutt for email
  • Midnight Command for file browsing
  • S/FTP seems to actually be baked into linux and Midnight Command allows SSH and S/FTP, so I'm good there.
  • Youtube is something I can't really terminal. However I am going to be test driving a front end that promises 'to be newpipe for desktop'

To be blunt? Steam, Discord, and Youtube are why I'm not going full TUI personally (along with having access to a fallback option if my lack of knowledge gets me in trouble.) End goal for me is going to see how little i can get away with. Mostly for luls. Partially because i want ot see if the pi zero I have tucked away on a pogo-pin USB hub can be made into more than a random SFTP and media server for moving things around.

Mostly though it's for the lulz.