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Basil Mori's Mementos

> The dead are never dead to us, until we have forgotten them.

> —George Eliot

My name is Basil Mori. Welcome to my home.

Everything in this world has a limited lifespan. All media decays, and the original experiences are lost to time. Unless they are carefully preserved, even the stories and recollections of past treasures will fade into myth and obscurity.

This means we should treat the time we have in the present as a precious treasure, and record our stories to share with those who come after us.

This capsule is a 🌿memento mori🌿, a place I can share my thoughts on the present moment and my feelings about about the things I hold precious. I hope only to inspire you to see our beautiful world through new eyes and share what you see as well. Even when these precious moments are gone, we can still cherish the memories.